The Fork Outrunner

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The Problem: The Fork Outrunner is determined to workout furiously every day in order to eat

like crap, guilt free. “Six donuts? Sure, why not…I just finished a killer Zumba class that burned

a lot of calories!” Fork Outrunners never want to hear about the food they can’t possibly live

without, so they go out of their way to try and fix the problem by just “running more” or “exercising

longer.” After all, this is WAY easier than cutting back on bread, pasta, ice cream, or

muffins…because the Outrunner JUST CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT those things.

The problem is that Fork Outrunners are always going to fight a losing battle. They don’t realize

that their diet will be responsible for 80% of their success or failure, regardless of how much time

they spend exercising. If these types of people are interested in losing weight, they are going

about it the completely wrong way – by devoting even more hours to tons of cardio, instead of

fixing the problem at the root: their diet.

The Solution: The solution is simple: stop trying to outrun your fork. It is a battle that cannot

be won. Simply fix your diet.

Think about it this way: you could go for a five mile run right now and then consume a 20 oz

of coke and a small bag of Doritos. The run took at least 40 minutes, and the food consumption

probably took 5 minutes, right? With those two items, neither of which probably filled you up

very much, you undid all of the work you did running five miles…AND MORE. You would have

been better off sitting on your ass watching Coronation Street (while skipping the Doritos).

As it turns out – not all calories are created equal. In fact, certain types of foods can affect

our bodies more negatively than others.

If you LOVE to exercise for multiple hours a day, go for it. Just make sure you fuel yourself with

the right types of food. If the thought of exercising for multiple hours a day scares you, don’t

worry…it scares me too. Which is why I only exercise for 45 minutes per session a few times per


I put my focus on eating right, so I can spend LESS time working out

and more time doing other things that make me happy!

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