What You Get

What you will get when you sign up to our 4 week program?
You have two options to choose:
      • Body Transformer BootCamp (private outdoor location) – 4 weeks
      • Body Transformer Small Group 6-10 people (private studio ) – 4 weeks
      • Semi Private Personal Training 4-6 people (private studio ) – 6 weeks
    You will get 45 minutes of fat burning fitness sessions 3 times a week with one of the country’s leading fat loss experts
    Instant access to our members only area, to include (and more being added the whole time):
          • ‘Body Transformer Formula’ nutritional program that includes cutting edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and fat loss tips.
          • Online workout videos for you to do at home
          • E-mail, telephone support
    What personal benefits you will achieve:
          • You’ll melt away the pounds with our fat burning workouts
          • Burn 6 hours worth of calories in just 45 minutes
          • Carry on burning calories for hours after your workouts
          • You will feel fitter, more flexible, alive and energetic
          • Greatly improved endurance levels- no more ‘out of breath’ moments!
          • Stronger and Slimmer Physique

    You will be guaranteed to drop a clothes size in 28 days or less if you follow our system or your Money back (no questions asked)

    Or you could…..

    Let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months and stay the way you are now!

    So 28 days from now you’ll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier, or, you can be a 5-10 pounds lighter and 28 days closer to your fitness goal. You decide which one you would rather be one month from now. Make sure you make the right choice book now and start your Fat Loss Journey.
    No matter what you have tried before I will personally GUARANTEE that you will see results in just 4 weeks or less if you follow my “Body Transformer Formula” nutritional program and attend all of the sessions in the 4 week BootCamp.
    I will GUARANTEE you will have more energy, lose inches, get rid of stubborn ugly body fat, be stronger, fitter, more flexible and feel absolutely fantastic after just 4 weeks.
    I’m so confident that you will enjoy our Body Transformer BootCamp that I’m even offering a full money back guarantee, so you can join up today risk free, and if at any time you feel like the program isn’t for you I will issue you a refund, no questions asked.

    In fact if you commit to follow my “Body Transformer Formula” nutritional program and attend all 12 sessions 100% and fail to get results we will not only give you your money back but also book you onto the next Body Transformer BootCamp free of charge. That’s actually a 200% guarantee.??You have nothing to lose, actually less than nothing, if you follow your programme fully, not just play around with it, and fail to achieve the results desired you will get your money back and receive your next camp for free. That’s NO RISK!

    All we require you to do is send us your measurements and a photo prior to camp and complete the “BodyTransformerformula” nutritional program 100%.

    That’s it.
    Follow our principles and you WILL achieve your goals.
    Will Weight Watchers or your Gym offer this?
    So don’t delay




    If you are serious about losing weight then you need to download my 13 Untold Ultra Fat Burning Secrets

    A copy of the amazing Body Transformer Formula book is yours to keep. This exclusive book gives you the Body Transformer nutritional program that includes cutting edge nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and nutritional tips.