The Team


My name is Radek Kalaš and I am the owner of Body Transformer BootCamp and Personal Training Studio Meersbrook.            

Along with my small team of certified Personal Trainers, Alex, Charlie & Amy, I have helped thousands of people in creating leaner, firmer and sexier bodies since 2012.

We run several groups of structured fitness bootcamps at my Personal Training Studio Meersbrook – S8 9FT and also at Meadowhead School – S8 8BR and at Kind Edward VII – Lower School – S10 5RG, they’re a 4 week journey to regaining your health and dropping a boat load of body fat.

 My real passion is working with men and women who seem to have tried every diet going, train in the gym, and even used a personal trainer yet are STILL frustrated with their bodies

 I’m the creator of the 28-Day Body Transformation Kickstart Programme – our most popular weight-loss programme which combines regular exercise sessions with a personalised, effective nutritional plan and 100% accountability!

Give ME 28 days and I’ll give you a sexier body. Guaranteed!

Get in touch now with us by text or call 07743999855 to enrol on our next 28-Day Body Transformation Kickstart Programme which starts 1st July 2024.