Does any of this sound familiar?

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Does any of this sound familiar?


  • “Oh I worked out today, so I earned this piece of cake.”
  • “I’ll just have a few Peanut M&M’s.  Okay one more…”
  • “Calories don’t count on your birthday!”
  • “That food is going to waste if somebody doesn’t eat it.”

•   “I had a tough day at work and I need this.”


I know you mean it well when you say you want to get healthy but you always let down by this “Emotional Rationalizer”


This Rationalizer can justify ANYTHING:


• “I have earned skipping a workout today because is Saturday morning.”

• “I can slacking on healthy eating”

• “I can eat 1000 calories worth of donuts because you just burned 300 calories during a gym

• “I can skip my workout because I had a really tough day at work


Unfortunately this “one time exceptions” become more and more common and you end up right back where you started or worse.



The Solution?


Every time you are faced with a choice, you make instant decision,


“yes I’m going to exercise now for 45 mins instead of going back to bed”




“I’m going to go for a walk instead of plopping down on the sofa.”


Create rules for yourself that must be followed and remove need for emotion.


Do this by creating “if_____then ______” rules:


If I plan on losing weight, then I will only eat THESE foods and not anything else.


If I am offered ice cream or cake at work, then I will say, “thank you but no thanks!”


If I get hungry in between meals, then I will go get a really big glass of water and walk around the office and eat a handful of berries or nuts (be prepared)


If I want to watch TV, then I will immediately go exercise before sitting down on the sofa.


If I come home from work, then I will immediately go exercise before sitting down on the couch to watch TV.



Remove “I’ll just have one” from your vocabulary, because we all know the “just one” can turn into four, five, or ten very quickly.


These are now just “things I do” or “things I don’t do.”


That’s it!

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