How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Fat Loss!

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Did you know that there was World Sleep Day ( on Friday (21st March)?

You’re likely coming across a wide range of content concerning the best foods for belly fat loss.

Maybe you’re also finding, the best exercises to help boost the metabolism, the best workout to add more muscle definition, and the best times to be eating to maximize the amount of fat you burn throughout the day.

There’s no question about it, what you eat and how you exercise are two significant contributors to the overall success rate you see. But after that, it’s important to not overlook some of the other contributing factors that can sway the type of progress you experience.

One specific component that very often gets overlooked is that of sleep.

How much damage could you really do to your progress while you are sleeping?

The answer is that it’s the quality and quantity of sleep you get!

One of the first major problems that is associated with a lack of sleep is an increased daytime cortisol level. As you may have already known, cortisol is a hormone that is released within the body that works to break down body tissues. In times of stress, you will find cortisol levels very high since the body is getting ready for the fight or flight response mechanism.

Have you ever found that after a late-nights out or a night of simply tossing and turning where sleep was hard to come by, the next day you were craving carbohydrates?

Ongoing sleep deprivation is responsible for a number of changes in the hormonal release and metabolism of humans, especially increased hunger and appetite.

Often in very fatigued states the body senses this fatigue and perceives a low supply of energy as a result, kick-starting internal drives to eat (hunger).

Generally the more intense and frequent your training sessions are, the more sleep you may require in order to recover properly

So make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Not only are you going to feel better, think clearer, but you’ll also really be helping promote better long-term health as well.

P.S. Poor sleep habits can cause poor quality sleep. Look for my next Monday Motivation where I will give you 10 commandments to help YOU to improve your overall sleep and wellness.

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