Looking for Fit Men in Sheffield

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Search for Fit Men in Sheffield

It is Men’s Health Week 2015 from the 15th to 21st June and local fitness expert Radek Kalas thinks it’s time everybody started to focus on healthy living for men more.

On average, more than one in five men is still dying between the ages 16 and 65, and more than two in five before the age of 75 – and men are still more likely to die than women through preventable diseases such as cancer and heart failure.

Radek Kalas from Body Transformer BootCamp says “It’s 2015 but some of the attitudes to men’s health are straight from the 19th century, men still feel uncomfortable talking about issues regarding health and we need to act now to change things.”

“67% of men are overweight or obese. They are more likely than women to: smoke, eat too much salt, eat too much red and processed meat, too little fruit and too few vegetables and more likely to drink alcohol.

“As a result Men are twice as likely to have liver disease have a 37% higher chance of dying from cancer and 75% of heart attacks fatalities are male.”

At Body Transformer BootCamp we would like to do our bit to help men in Sheffield get fit and we are inviting them along for a FREE Men Experience Week. Just sent us an email asap as the places are limited.

Apply for this FREE Men Experience Week now on this email: radek@bodytransformerbootcamp.co.uk


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