The Army Of One

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The Army Of One.


“Army of One” is arguably one of the most emotionally taxing Sopranos episodes,




I don’t want to be talking about Sopranos




about people who are like the army of the one who


desperately wants to get healthy,


but decides to go it alone.


They are constantly surrounded by unhealthy friends and family members who tempt them with things like,


“oh you look fine”




“come on, just this once.”


The Army of One can do okay if they’re the type of person that loves


proving everybody wrong


and feeds on this energy, but more often the negativity and stress wins out.


Sometimes it takes a few weeks, but often the battle is over before it

even gets started.


The Solution:


The Army of One must realize this quote is incredibly true:


“You are an average of the five people you associate most with.”


If you surround yourself with healthy, positive, successful people, your life will move in that direction.


If you hang out with negative, unhealthy, unsuccessful people, then your life will lean towards that path.


So don’t go it alone!


You do NOT have to be an Army of One.


Do whatever you can to


surround yourself with positive people – people


that will support you,


keep you accountable,


pick you up when you’re down,


and cheer for you when you succeed.


Let’s say there’s nobody in your life that is supportive.


I have whole army to support you.




It’s not the whole army but

it is DOZENS       of supportive people just like you who are ready to help you live a better life.


Email me on and I will send you an invitation for your free VIP Experience Week.


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