The Good Intentioner

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The Problem:


The Good Intentioners problem is that they got really great attitude

and the dedication of the Good Intentioner.


I know they mean it well and they are doing their best to get healthy.


Unfortunately, they are getting all of their information from mainstream media

and following the wrong advice…and they are about to get horrible depressed

when they don’t get any results!


Companies market unhealthy products as healthy foods.

  • There are “heart-healthy” labels shouts out!
  • Low fat does NOT make it healthy. Fat can be healthy and very crucial to a healthy body.


Processed foods and sugars are what make you unhealthy.

  • “Diet” products are often filled with crazy chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients.


The Good Intentioner tries really hard to be healthy, but eats all of the wrong “health foods.”


They count calories, eat less than 20 grams of fat per day, load up on

heart healthy whole grains, and make sure only to eat lean meat.

This is the path to long term frustration, not long term success.



The Solution:


Excess carbs, sugar, and processed foods are what keep you overweight.

Healthy fat is vitally important to your diet.

Protein builds muscle.

Eat more of the good stuff, and less of the bad.


So stop listening to the mainstream – those products and infomercials

are designed to sell products, not make you healthy.


Take a few hours to really educate yourself on what you’re fuelling your body with,

and then work on making more educated decisions.

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