The Scale Watcher

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The Problem:

The Scale Watcher is on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to weight.
After losing a pound the Scale Watcher gets incredibly excited. Then the freak out comes after watching the scale move up a pound two days later.

Now, it’s one thing to freak out when the scale moves up by a pound, but the real danger comes when a Scale Watcher eats unhealthy for a weekend, sees the scale a full five pounds higher than expected, and goes off the deep end. This is usually enough to cause serious depression and setbacks, resulting in a serious downward spiral of unhealthy eating and thoughts like, “why bother? It’s all going to come back anyways!”

The Solution:

Stop checking the scale every day.

Depending your genetic makeup, what you ate the night before, the amount of sodium in your food, and if you’re carrying a lot of water weight, your weight will fluctuate by a significant amount in either direction from day to day.

On top of that, the scale can lie!

For that reason, I do NOT recommend that you weigh yourself daily.

Instead, weigh yourself once per week. Maybe every Sunday morning, first thing, after you
use the bathroom, before you eat breakfast, right after you get out of the shower.

Make sure the circumstances are identical each week to remove any extra variables.

Want to take it a step further?

Don’t rely on the scale, because the scale can lie.

It’s just a number – measuring your body fat percentage, measuring your circumferences or comparing pictures of yourself month to month is a far better indicator of progress than a scale could ever be.

Focus on you monthly pictures and how your clothes fit to track your progress.

Take a picture.

A month from now take another picture under the same circumstances.

Are you looking better?

GOOD. Keep doing what you’re doing.

No? Okay, time to make some adjustments.

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