The Spot Reducer

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The Problem:

This particular newbie is also well intentioned but spent too much time watching

fitness infomercials and reading magazine ads. The Spot Reducer will spend an extra

thirty minutes at the gym working on their abs to remove stomach fat. Then comes the thigh

cruncher in order to target the removal of thigh fat. Before all of this was a Zumba class, because

it’s advertised to target your butt.

After all this effort at the gym the Spot Reducer gets frustrated when there are no slimming results

in the areas they worked so hard to target!

Here’s the problem with the Spot Reducer: YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE FAT! Your body has a genetic

predisposition to fat storage. As you add more fat to your body, it will accumulate in certain

areas over others. For guys, this tends to be in the stomach, while for ladies it tends to be in

the stomach, thighs, and butt. You could do 1,000 crunches every day (which might build

up the muscle UNDERNEATH the fat), but if you don’t lose the fat on the outside you will never

have a flat stomach!

The Solution:

First and foremost, you need to understand how fat works: fat and muscle are

two different things. You can build up the muscle under the fat, but in order to remove the fat

from your body, you need to put your focus on diet! Yup, diet again. It’s that your diet will give you at least 80% of your success or failures.

So stop the hours of side bends, sit ups, crunches, zumba classes, and any other program

that promises to ‘target’ certain areas of fat.

Instead, just eat right and train right, and repeat that process for a few months.

You’ll get results far faster.

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