The Shiny Object Chaser

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The Problem:

Does this sound familiar

“OOOOH, this workout was designed by navy seals.”

“Oooooh this diet book promises to change my life without making me change what I eat!”


If these things sound like something you’ve said before, then you may be a Shiny Object Chaser.


This means you are constantly chasing the next best thing: the newest supplement, the latest

workout plan, the best class, the best fitness DVD, and so on.


You follow through with a program for two to three weeks, and when you don’t see immediate

results, you jump to the next program that promises even better results.


Shiny Object Chasers expect giant changes and fast results, and then get incredibly depressed when those results don’t happen overnight.


The Solution:


Want to know the greatest characteristic I’ve noticed across all Body Transformer BootCamp success stories?

Persistence. People like Jayne, Julia and Duraiya

stick with a structured nutrition and fitness program and stick with it for months on end.

Here’s the thing:

Getting in shape can be boring (especially if you’re doing it on your own) – it’s clean eating and consistent workouts – that’s

it. Diet and exercise. For this reason, companies have to market programs with lame taglines like

“muscle confusion” or “belly fat targeting!”

These programs aren’t written to help you get healthy – they’re written to get you to buy them.

So pick a simple program and stick with it.


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You need a structured nutrition and fitness program, and stick with it for a few months.


Remember, it took you years and years to get to where you are now. It’s going to require at least a few months of work to get you to where you want to be, but it can be done.

Start today if you want to look great in your bikini this Summer.

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